Insight Sunrise is an effort to share stories about living and learning, encouraging participants to consider life lessons large and small, how we arrive at key insights in hopes that others may build on these ideas.  The small stuff may certainly be in the “well, duh !” category, but it might happen to be new to you today.  We’ve had great teachers and role models our whole lives, but we usually didn’t listen, thought we knew it all.  The important part is the learning, that it happened at all, and having that new insight to use from now on.

Fear of Failure had frozen me for years, but it’s OK now, go ahead and laugh! Some stories may be entertaining enough that you can laugh with me instead of at me.  Success in your younger days can produce the delusion of being genius material, but eventually you realize how much more you learn from the setbacks.  Also that you don’t need to measure yourself against unimportant arbitrary goals.

My stories are from formative years, a tech career at Intel, and life in the NorCal foothills, but the idea is to stimulate thought: swap stories with you, compare notes, and see what we can learn from them.  I’ve been a dedicated student of neural networks, as in the inorganic kind now used extensively for Artificial Intelligence, but even more fascinating is our own organic neural networks. That we have two kinds of brains working: the analytical, rational one that science is trying to emulate and the emotional one that really drives most of our actions.

I’ve displayed a lack of emotional IQ at times over the years and usually concluded that I’m a horrible person. But after a lot more observation and awareness, I now understand the we need the “presence” to recognize when the ego has had a little too free a rein and/or (often closely related) that emotions have taken us down wrong dark paths. Even folks on geek side like me eventually learn that anything important you want to accomplish has to have the support of other people.   Even simpler than it sounds if your actions are for the benefit of other people.Insight Sunrise comes from that most inspirational time of day when our best thinking often emerges. “Sleeping on it” is a real thing, which is why a good night’s sleep is critical to our health. Our brains spend a lot of time churning through all sorts of ideas, experiences, sights and sounds, pain and joy – – trying to make sense of it all. And it often succeeds. We wake up refreshed, our mind wanders a bit, and all of a sudden we think: Oh, yeah, that’s it!

That’s what Insight Sunrise is about.

It depends on expanding the conversation and engaging in common interests. Please leave comments here on the website at Recent Posts or the Windmills page. You can also send email to insightsunrise@gmail.com


Kurt Robinson